Cutting-edge Sensors for Demanding Environments

EngeniusMicro leverages experience in MEMS, microfabrication, and electronic packaging technology to develop cutting-edge sensors for physically and thermally demanding environments. We have developed ceramic sensors to measure pressure, temperature, heat-flux, and strain with operational ranges up to 3000 F. EngeniusMicro has also developed nanofabricated substrates for portable chemical fingerprinting.


At the crossroads of Ingenuity and Genius

EngeniusMicro has extensive experience designing, fabricating, modeling, and testing microsensors and microactuators.   Fabrication experience includes ceramic processing, electronic packaging, laser machining, microfabrication, EBL fabrication, and nanoimprinting.  What makes EngeniusMicro unique is our ability to develop custom, multidisciplinary solutions to solve any sensing application.